A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Fun Little Game!

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Last week I went to my cousin’s bridal shower. There was a list of questions that was asked of the groom about the bride. The bride had to guess what the groom would answer about her. If she got it wrong, she had to put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth. The bride actually got a lot wrong and had so much gum in her mouth by the end of the questions that she could barely talk!

Halfway through the game, I leaned over to my mom and said, “Paul and I would suck at this.”

Well, I wanted to see if we really would! Here is the exact list of questions that was asked of the bride. I emailed the questions to Paul so he could answer them. I wrote my answers out as well before reading his. I promise you, I didn’t cheat!

Remember, my answer is what I think Paul will say. It is not necessarily the correct answer. ;)

What can’t Megan live without?
Paul says: Her cats
Megan says: The kitties.

What is Megan’s prized possession?
Paul says: Her cats
Megan says: Lap top

What is Megan’s favorite candy?
Paul says: M&Ms
Megan says: Sour patch kids

How many piercings does Megan have?
Paul says: 4
Megan says: 4

Who is Megan’s ultimate Hollywood crush?
Paul says: Jeremy Collins from Survivor Season 29
Megan says: Samantha Bee

What was Megan’s first job?
Paul says: Baby-sitting. But first job not getting paid "under the table" was BG's.
Megan says: Baby-sitting

What is Megan’s biggest pet peeve?
Paul says: When someone else is chewing or making "general mouth noises". It drives her nuts!
Megan: Chewing/weird mouth noises

What is Megan’s favorite thing to spend money on?
Paul says: Clothes/Shoes. She loves buying clothing and shoes, but she is a serious bargain hunter. By seeing her outfits, you would think she spends a lot. Nope. She knows how/where to find good deals.
Megan says: Vacations

If Megan could have any car, what would it be?
Paul says: A decent SUV. She doesn’t care about cars at all. She does like SUV’s because she likes being higher up.
Megan says: I don't care about cars.
(I'm counting this as a match due to Paul saying verbatim what I said- I don't care about cars!!!)

What is Megan’s favorite cocktail?
Paul says: Martini (neat)
Megan says: Dirty Martini
(Also counting this because the "dirty" part is implied!)

What is Megan’s dream job?
Paul says: Full-time Blogger and Reality TV Podcast host.
Megan says: House wife

What year did Megan graduate high school?
Paul says: 2000
Megan says: 2000

If Megan could meet one famous person, who would it be?
Paul says: Madonna
Megan says: Obama

We didn't do that great, but I honestly thought we would do worse!!!
How do you think you and your partner would do at this game?

If you have a blog, feel free to take this idea and do your own post or even a different spin on it!


  1. I think this would be really tough! You guys did pretty good! We did something similar at my bridal shower but I think the questions were easier:)

    1. Yeah a lot of these aren't like factual questions except maybe the yr I grad high school- that doesn't change. But my fav drink or celeb crush does!

  2. We did this at a neighborhood party once and it was hilarious! Mike and I did ok. Some of the other couples did not but the answers they came up with kind of shocking! The things you learn...

    1. Oh that would be fun to do it with a group. :)

  3. I love this! Rick and I did something like this last year but on our way to Denver today I will see if he wants to do these sets of questions! It is funny, though, because when we do things like this I feel like in some ways Rick knows me better than I know myself! Maybe he is paying attention :)

  4. Love love LOVE this! I am so going to use these questions for a future blog post. It'll be really fun to see how the responses differ between my husband and me, too. Thanks for sharing such a fun, creative idea!

    1. No problem! It was fun to watch at the bridal shower.

  5. You guys did pretty good! Especially on the questions about "real life".

    I played this bubble gum game at my own bridal shower. I don't remember any of the questions except one. It was What was Scott's first dog's name. I said "Pokey" (it was a beagle). And even though that's what Scott said his sister argued with us that "pokey" was not their first dog. Fun times!

    1. Ooh The Bubble Gum Game- that name makes sense!

  6. Ha ! This is so awesome! Are you going to post Pauls answers ? I couldn't get any of
    Them correct for Roger... But ask me what he gets in his burrito bowl, and that I know !!

    1. I wrote his answers first but do you mean play the game with me guessing about Paul? THat would be fun!

  7. This is SO fun! And Paul did a pretty good job! I love that your crush is Samantha Bee.

    This is like the Newlywed Game...I always loved that show except that they called sex "making whoopee", which I find really creepy.

    I'm totally stealing this for my blog!

    1. Steal away!

      Making whoopee is DISGUSTING.

      Samantha Bee vs. Colbert... I think I pick Colbert. :) He sings show tunes!!!

  8. This was so much fun to read! I'm definitely stealing it for my blog too. I'm excited to see how well Adam and I do!

    I love SUVs because I like being higher up too! I have a compact SUV but I pump my seat up all the way!

    1. Yay I am excited to see what Adam says about you! :) Whenever we rent cars we get and SUV. Hey, it's vaycay and I want to be comfy!

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