A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekly Workout Recap

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I feel like I had a great week of workouts!

32 miles
3 lifting sessions
1 long, hilly run
2 speedy sessions!
My hip pain is totally gone.
My knee/IT band pain... I'm not letting it hold me back. I am just doing
what I want to do and it is not making it better or worse.

9 Miler w/ my Daddio!

You can read more about this fun adventure here.

3 miler around my neighborhood. My legs were surprisingly fresh, so I continued to push throughout the run until my last 1/3 mile was under my 5k race pace!

Mile 1- 8:17
Mile 2- 7:58
Mile 3- 7:21

I am counting this as my speed work for the week. Do you think it is okay to count speedy runs as your speed work? I just get so anxious anticipating speed work that sometimes mid run I will decide to go faster and faster so that I could count it as speed!

Then I went home and lifted BACK.

Band Asst. Wide Grip Pull Ups- Reps: 8, 6, 7 6, 7
Dumbbell Row- 4x10x25lb
Bicycle Crunches- 4x40
Band Asst. Neutral Grip Pull Ups- Reps: 8, 8, 7, 7
Stability Ball Pass- 4x8
Bicep Curls- 4x10x15lb

It was the first day of school so I figured the best way to prepare was to run 7 neighborhood miles! I felt like I was going fast but my paces were actually kind of slow! Maybe from the speed work yesterday? Who knows? Sometimes I think it is useless to try to figure out my body!

5 neighborhood miles.

3 neighborhood miles, then chest @ home.

Warm Up: Stretching, chest press, shoulder press, rotator cuff

Chest Press- 4x10x25lb
Bicycles- 4x40
Push Ups- 4x40
Shoulder Press- 4x10x20lb
Stability Ball Pass- 4x8
Tricep Dips- 4x15

Speed work!

I know I said Sunday counted as my speed work but I sort of forgot about it!

1/2 mile warm up
800x5 (with 400 recovery in between)
1 mile cool down

800s were anywhere between a 6:50-7:40.
I was having trouble keeping them consistent. 7:20 was my goal but like I said I wasn't very good at that!

Back @ Home

Warm Up: stretching, asst. pull ups, shoulder pres, row, rotator cuff

Band asst. wide grip pull ups- 5x6
Rows- 4x10x25lb
Bicycles- 4x40
Band asst. neutral grip pull ups- 4x6
Bicep Curls- 3x10x15lb
Stability Ball Pass- 4x8
I hope you had great workouts this week too!

Do you ever decide mid run to count something as speed?


  1. Very nice week in workouts! You are back to running almost every day and that is wonderful. I actually decide at the end when I see my pace if I will consider it "speed". You know I don't do anything special but go out and run but some days (today for instance), my pace it a good 30-40 seconds faster so I "claim it". Happy Saturday, Meg.

    1. That's cool that you were super speedy today! It is so nice to have those days. Hope you have a fun weekend!

  2. Definitely ok to count a run like that as speed work! I also think its fun to sometimes do a run like that unplanned...definitely removes all the pressure we feel about it beforehand!

    1. Yes, I don't know what I get anxiety about speed work but I do, and deciding mid run or right before a run helps. :)

  3. I have decided mid-run to make the run a tempo run! Looks like you had a great week of training. Hope that IT band calms down.

    1. Thank you! I have almost given up on figuring out the IT band. Running is hit or miss. The only thing I KNOW that bothers it is lifting lower body... which sucks. :( I miss that so much.

  4. Your workouts are always so solid and very organized on your blog. I'm sort of all over the place with everything else but running...lol.

    1. I think I just try to follow a pattern because I have not been writing any of this training down until after I do it! Definitely have been slacking on the lifting but that is because I have been purposefully trying to run MORE.

  5. I know you are focusing on getting through the heat and humidity. You can do speed in the fall!