A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Weekly Workout Recap!

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I secretly wanted to run more miles this week than I did last week. Last week's total was 28. This week, I hit 30! I think I would like to hover between 20-30 miles for the time being. I don't think I need to do 30 every week or anything. I do have a half in December, but that is eons away... And as long as I just keep a long run base of 10 miles, I should be go to go.

Since I am trying to run more, my lifting has taken a back seat. I have not been lifting lower body because last time it bothered my knee. I want to save my knee for running. I still have to figure out how lifting fits in to this whole knee situation. So I only lifted twice this week, but considering I was lifting like 4 times a week for... probably several months, I guess it is okay to ease back a little!

Here's what I was up to!

10 neighborhood miles! I was going to do 8, but when I was done, I psyched myself up to do 2 more!

I ran 3 easy miles and have very consistent 8:30 splits (not on purpose, just ran what felt good), then I lifted at home.

Chest @ Home

Chest Press- 5x10x25lb
Push Ups- 6x15
Bicycles- 4x40
Stability Ball Pass- 4x8
Shoulder Press- 4x10x20lb
Tricep Dips- 3x15
Planks- 6x30sec

I cleaned up my push up form. It was something I was self conscious about but I think I made it a lot better.

7 neighborhood miles in the rain. It was either drizzling or POURING my entire run. But it wasn't scorching hot so I can't complain! Here were my splits:

8:50, 8:30, 8:27, 8:18, 8:04, 8:18, 7:55

Since I did 20 miles in the past three days, I figured I better give my legs a break. I lifted back while watching trashy TV.

Back @ Home

Wide Grip Pull Ups (w/ band asst.)- 5x5
Bicycles- 4x40
Rows- 5x10x25lb
Close Grip Pull ups (w/ band asst.)- 5x5
Stability Ball Pass- 4x8
Bicep Curps- 3x10x15lb

I have been trying to figure out just how much assistance the band gives me. I am not sure there is a way to tell exactly. All I know is when I use the assisted pull up machine at the gym, I am able to do 10 reps with 16lbs assistance. When I use the band at home, 5 reps is just fine and dandy!

Hill repeats! I know, can you believe it!? I haven't done hill repeats in... forever. I ran about 1.25 miles to a moderately steep hill that was about .2 miles up. I ran up and down it six times and then ran back home. I didn't sprint up it or try to go fast. It was simply run up, run down. Maybe next time I will try to push myself a little bit more.

5 neighborhood miles... WITHOUT MY MP3 PLAYER. It decided to die just in time for my 10 miler on Saturday. It came back to life on Sunday. Today, it died again. I played mental games with myself. First I decided I'd only do 3 miles but I would lift after. Then I decided 4 miles. Then I thought, "Well, if I do one more mile then I won't force myself to lift." And that my friends is how I tricked myself into doing 5 miles without my podcasts.

My splits: 8:43, 8:35, 8:16, 8:08, 7:53

Have you noticed that 90% of the time my paces progress quite drastically from the beginning of my run to the end? I know my last miles are always fast because I am like "Yay, I'm soon done!" My first mile is probably slow because I am just warming up. And all the miles in between... I just feel like the farther I go, the better my legs feel and the more I get into a groove. Do you guys think this is bad, good, or neither? Does this happen to any of you?

Another neighborhood 5 miler. This one was HOT but I can't complain because my MP3 player decided to actually WORK! I was ecstatic! My splits weren't too crazy on this one... besides the last mile, pretty consistent paces.

My splits: 8:37, 8:31, 8:33, 8:24, 8:05
What do you guys think about my negative split situation? Good, bad, or doesn't matter?

What was your best workout this week?


  1. You are non-stop! I wish I had your energy. :) My best workout this week was a 9 mile tempo run on Tuesday. It was very hot but I was so happy to check it off. I think it's good to have progressively fast splits. I know some training plans schedule in progression runs to teach runners how to kick it up in the late parts of a race. I most often go too fast at the start, so hats off to you!

    1. Oh girl hush you have my energy plus some! A 9 mile tempo run is no joke, congrats on getting that done! Thanks for your perspective on the negative splits! One thing I never do these days is go OUT too fast. I don't know why but it is taking me some time to warm up these days. Actually I do know why. I took so much time off of running I am figuring out how to do it again.

  2. Great job this week! I think it is a good thing to negative split. The best workout I had this week? I am feeling pretty tired, so I think just getting out there and logging in the miles despite myself was pretty good.

    1. I have weeks like that too, where the best part is a just freaking got everything done despite whether I felt like it or not. You were so busy with your volunteer work!

  3. I wish I could negative split. My first mile is my second fastest, my second mile is my fastest, my third mile is always my slowest and fourth mile is somewhere between the pace of mile one and two. I swear that is how all my runs go. I think a few times I nailed the negative split and I was happy. I don't know why I always want to do it so badly but I am totally inspired that you do....every single time! My best workout last week was probably Tuesday because it ended up being speed work and I wasn't planning on that. Felt good.

    1. I love surprise speed works- especially because then you don't have to anticipate it and dread it! You were the one that pointed out the negative split thing to me and I was wondering if it was bad to do ALL the time.

    2. I really think it is PERFECT. You finish strong!

  4. I think your negative split situation is awesome! Great work this week!