A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Deck of Cards Workout for every occasion!

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A deck of cards workout is an easy way to squeeze an intense workout into a short amount of time. Other perks? Because you design it yourself, you can tailor it to your own goals, fitness level, workout space, and equipment. You can do a deck of cards workout in your living room with no equipment at all or you could go out in your backyard and get sweaty using jump ropes, weights, and kettle bells. It is totally up to you!

How to do it: Assign an exercise to each suit. Example: Hearts = jumping jacks, Diamonds = sit ups, etc. Pick a card from the deck. Do the number of exercises indicated on the card. Example: 3 of hearts = 3 jumping jacks, 7 of diamonds = 7 sit ups. Face cards = 10 and Aces = 15. If your deck has Jokers, you could assign something extra special!

I love designing my own deck of cards workouts. I love it so much, I designed several that you could try! Each one focuses on something different- like cardio, core, strength etc. Check them out!

1. Full Body Beginner

2. Full Body Intermediate

3. Full Body Advanced


5. Core

6. Low Impact 
(easy on the knees)

7. Lower Body

 8. Strength

9. Upper Body

Some things to note...

1. These workouts are simply to give you ideas! Switch out any of my exercises for ones you like better.

2. When using weights, dumbbells, etc, remember you are going to end up doing about 100 of each exercise. Don't pick a weight that is too heavy!

3. For jumping rope, I do multiples of 10. For instance, a 3 of hearts would be 30 jump rope rotations.

4. For planks, you can also do multiples of 10. For instance, a 4 of diamonds would be a 40 second plank. Or multiples of 5, so a 20 second plank. Decide what works for you!
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PS. These workouts are really fun to do with a friend!

Have you ever done a deck of cards workouts?
Do you think you will try one of these?


  1. I had to Google "plank with knee tuck" and saw a few different things. Is the knee supposed to be on the ground or in the air? Should you always do a set (right knee tucked then left knee tucked)?

    Thanks, Meg! :)

    1. Knee in the air, like tuck your right knee in toward your left boob, then your left knee in toward your right boob. Knees in the air. I usually do a set (RL) but one can do it according to their ability level!

  2. We did this workout at bootcamp. It was a fun way to break things up!

  3. I haven't don't card workouts in awhile (not sure why) but these ideas all look awesome!!!

  4. I think this would be really great when you are traveling. I don't like to do formal workouts when I am on vacation but a DOC workout a few mornings in the hotel room would be nice!

  5. Okay, these are awesome! I may need some videos to demo these exercises ;)

    1. I was thinking about doing that! Especially because sometimes I make up names for exercises that aren't their real names...

  6. Thanks for sharing! All of these look fun :)

  7. That sounds fun. It's a great way to add variety...

    1. Yes, you won't be bored with one of these workouts!

  8. I love these...I'd love photos of how to DO some of the moves!! hehe! I totally stole your deck of cards workout idea and have used it at home...so brilliant!

    1. Okay I will definitely have to include some videos in a forthcoming post. I now realize that would have been good to include in the first place! I am glad you tried it. What moves did you do?

  9. Oh you two will have fun doing that! Try it after a short run.

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