A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Best Dad in the WORLD!


My dad is the Best Dad in the World. If you know my dad, you probably immediately agree with that statement! (I bet a lot of you think you have the best dad in the world too, and I am sure you do! I think there are a lot of Best Dads in the World out there and today we get to CELEBRATE them!)

In honor of my AWESOME DAD, I would like to share with you a few reasons why he is extremely awesome...

1. Dad made sure we had a fun backyard. He built us an awesome clubhouse. It even had a slide! He also built my brother a half pipe skateboard ramp.

How did he know how to do that without the internet!?

2. He made up all sorts of fun games for us to play when we were kids. One game that was so magical was when he would hide little chocolate chips all over the living room and when we found one... well, we'd get to eat it!

He still plays games with us!
Racing my brother Tyler at the Millersburg riverfront.

Battling Paul!

3. My dad can do anything. He's like MacGyver.

He even looks like MacGyver!

4. He bought me a mitt when I joined softball... then I quit. He bought me running shoes when I joined track... then I quit. Sorry, Dad!

5. Dad went to all our band and chorus concerts and every musical I was in. 

Clearly excited to be hugging my dad after my performance in Grease!

6. Dad loves our mom and treats her like a queen.

My mom and dad on their wedding day in 1977.

7. Dad taught us how to ride bikes! And we always had bikes- he made sure of it.


8. He read to us.
But apparently forgot to have us put on sunscreen... haha! Dang, we were tan!

9. Dad worked hard so my mom could stay home with 3 kids. He took us on vacations to the beach and Knoebel's Grove every year.

Hershey Zoo, 1987
That is the shortest I have ever seen Dad's hair.

10. I never ever questioned whether my dad loved me or wanted the best for me.

Daddio and me- Christmas Eve, 1994

And now, some more fun pics, just for... fun!

Dad's 30th B-day!
I can't believe he had all 3 of us by the time he was 30!

That's my dad at a H.S. basketball game scoring.
He's always been athletic!

Uncle Rick and my Dad- 1994

My dad and I at my wedding in 2008.

Dad photo bombing me and Paul!

Mom and Dad in Arizona

My dad is a bad ass road and mountain biker who is so bad ass that he recently wiped out so bad on a mountain that he broke his collar bone. He had surgery to fix it on Wednesday. Don't worry, he is recuperating and my mom is taking care of him. GET WELL SOON, DAD!

Happy Father's Day, Daddio!
I love you!!


  1. i love the picture of you guys on your wedding day!

    what a great tribute to your dad!

  2. Whaat how is your dad so cool?! He kind of looks like a rockstar in the pictures!

    Get well soon to your dad! I'm sure he can't wait to get back out there!

  3. Your dad sounds like a really fun guy! WOW, that is some skateboard ramp. I imagine that's like what the professionals use. and yea, no internet, how DID he do that...haha.

    O yea, in the 80's I don't think our parents were really concerned with sunscreen either. we were always tan...lol

    1. I know I can't believe we used to get so tan. :) We were on swim team though and just LIVED at the pool.

  4. Your dad sounds awesome!! I, too, wonder how he managed to build a half pipe without internet instructions!

    Isn't it funny to look at pictures and realize how young your parents were for certain milestones?! I look at pictures of my parents and think, wow, they had kids by the time they were my age. They were WAY more mature at 28 than I am! But it also makes me cut them some slack...like, wow, they were pretty young, so they did a good job with us all things considered lol.

    1. YES. My parents were pretty young when they had us, so it is so strange to think back and be like... wow, they were only like 40 when I was in HS!? 40 seemed so old to me back then. It's crazy. They did do a good job.

  5. Happy Father's Day to your Dad! What a fun guy he is!!! I loved the 'how'd he do that without the internet?!" comment, LOL

  6. You know Knoebels?!?! I grew up in PA and used to go there all the time as a kid! Ahh memories! Where did you group? I'm originally from Bethlehem

    1. I loooooooooooooooooove Knoebels :) I grew up in Millersburg, PA :)

  7. Your dad sounds amazing! The internet comment cracked me up. How did we do anything before the internet?? Your family is such a good looking family. And he really does look like MacGyver. I cannot even imagine having three kids right now! I mean, I am only 26, but I would have to be well on my way. I can hardly take care of myself. Your parents are saints!

    1. I know! I mean, I know things were different back then and people got married and had kids (on purpose) younger, but still. I'm 31 and I can't even imagine having 1 child let alone 3. I'm with you- I'm working to take care of myself (and the kitties hehehe)