A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, April 15, 2019

Weekend Wrap Up

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Happy Monday. It's a four day week for me. I hope I can make it four days...
Today was not a good day. For some reason, I could barely function as a teacher. Every noise, every voice made me feel like someone was stabbing me in the brain. In hindsight, I probablly shouldn't have gone to work. But when I woke u I was in a great mood with lots of hope for a fun Friday!

As the end of the day rolled around I realized what was probably the cause of my distress... I was TIRED! This is what time I woke up each day this week:

Monday: 5:00
Tuesday: 2:30
Wednesday: 3:30
Thursday: 4:30
Friday: 3:30

Yeah, that will do it...

Somehow I managed to run errands after work. I picked up this "Everything Bagel" hummus and was excited to try it. Well there was barely any of the "everything" in the hummus. It tasted like plain hummus with a couple sesame seeds thrown in.

This lackluster hummus was unfortunately the highlight of my day.

I lied. This podcast I listened to at the gym was better than the hummus.

I went to bed LATE on Friday night... well, it was technically Saturday morning by the time I went to bed! When I woke up, both cats were laying with me. I loved it. I love them.

That morning, I met Allison at Pinchot for a run. She was looping the lake THREE TIMES for a total of 24 miles. I was joining her for just nine of them. It was very warm but not too bad. I had trouble keeping up with Allison even though she ran 15 miles more than I did! She is a BEAST and is going to crush the trail race she has coming up.

By the time I got home, I was starving. I ate lunch on the back porch because it was beautiful. Then I holed up in my bed for a little bit. I was tired and had nothing to do.

Eventually, I dragged my ass out of bed to go to Aldi and get sushi with a friend. The truth is, on Saturday, I didn't really want to face the day, but the trail run with Allison and sushi with a friend is literally what got me out of bed.
I got up around 8:30, poured some coffee, and started making Cous Cous Explosion! (Cous Cous with lots of roasted veggies and beans.)

Then I met my mom for brunch at Valley Bistro in Enola. I did not know this place existed. Guys, it is DIVINE! I had a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. I also had a piece of French toast. The coffee was amazing as well! I will definitely be back.

The place was hopping and my mom and I didn't want to hog a table, so after we ate, we got in my car and talked for like another half hour. I love my mommy!

Then I headed to the salon to get my hair cut and eyebrows waxed. I go to Jenny's Full Service Salon right by my house. My stylist, Karen, always does an awesome job! We went a little shorter today so the cut would last longer. I look a bit like a boy... but that's okay. It will look perfect in a week!

After getting my hair cut, I have to go straight home to dye it because the sides are COMPLETELY grey.

Then I cooked some more, and by 3:30 I was in my bed drinking wine and messing around on my computer.
That's right. No workouts. Just bed, wine, and chocolate. I got my period so my back hurt a lot and I was lethargic. It was a good day to just pamper myself!
How was your weekend?
Tell me your period pains!


  1. Sounds like a tough week and that pampering yourself is exactly what you needed on Sunday :) I dyed my hair to cover the grey for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was so expensive at the salon! That's a good idea to do it yourself. Is it difficult?

    1. No it is not hard to do yourself at all. I buy $7 boxed dye because my hair is so short that I need to dye it like once a month. That would be sooooo expensive at a salon.

  2. Wish I could put decent looking highlights in my hair at home. I loathe going to the salon! And period pains? hmmmm, have had super random (none!) periods for the 6 months. Guess I shouldn't have bought the big pack of pads. haha!!

    1. I guess you are going through the change.... hehehe