A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up! (Part 1)


Due to the Easter holiday, we had an extra long four day weekend. Today I'm actually still enjoying a day off! I decided to break my wrap up into two parts because we had a lot going on that would be fun to share with you!

I definitely felt like a blogger this weekend... taking tons of pictures and all that stuff!


Thursdays are usually a day I dread (work and then six piano lessons straight through until 7pm), but this Thursday was different! This Thursday was my “Friday” due to having off for Easter Break the next day. And instead of a bunch of piano lessons after school, I only had three and I’d be done at 5:30!

My day started with lifting upper body at home. I opened the windows so the kitties hung out with me most of the time. Normally they sleep all morning.

For reasons I shouldn’t share, I was anticipating work to be horrible. Luckily, it turned out to be a good day! The kids were well behaved, especially considering they were excited for Easter.

I even finished my sign for our show next week. This sign took me HOURS. It’s the best I can do!

I got a lot of compliments on my outfit so I thought I’d show it to you!

After piano lessons, Paul and I went for a short walk. We love looking at all the different houses in our neighborhood. Then we ate dinner at watched Bates Motel. After that, I was a complete bad ass by staying up until past midnight doing a puzzle and watching the new Casey Anthony documentary.

"Friends, the devil is dancing tonight." -Nancy Grace

I forgot to turn my alarm off so it went off at 5:30. Luckily, I remembered right away that I had the day off. I swiped the alarm off and fell right back asleep until Jelly woke me at 10:30.

I ran six miles. It was so warm! 

While I was sleeping and running, Paul was making his second batch of "test chili" for the Millersburg Cherry Blossom Festival Chili Cook Off he is entering in May. His first batch was good but nothing to write home about. This second batch? It was so good I whimpered. HE IS GOING TO WIN!

That afternoon, we headed over the Harrisburg to see an IMAX movie at The Whitaker Center. We parked on City Island and walked. It was absolutely gorgeous out!

The movie was National Parks Adventure 3D and it was really good. I spent the first 10 minutes of the movie weeping because it was so beautiful. I know, I'm so weird!

That evening, we went over to Randy and Michael's for a steak dinner. Their friends Desiree and Sean came over too. The food was delicious! Then we played games and laughed the night away.

We slept in and then headed to King's Gap for a HIKE! It was really pretty but the trails were a little hard to follow. At one point we had to walk on the road because we didn't know where to go. I would like to go back when we have some more time!

Then Rachel came over to do my hair and makeup while Paul and Bob went to Lowe's to buy us an energy efficient washer. It comes a week from today!

Rachel did a good job with my hair...

Then Paul and I headed to Kohl's because I determined I was in need of some basic summer tops. I ended up getting a cute cold shoulder top! What do you think?

I got these shorts...

I tried on linen pants... they were all high waisted and WAY too long!

I tried on the Under Armor joggers I really like but they just weren't flattering. They look okay in this picture but in person... I am not liking the high waisted style. It makes me look big in the middle!

I'm trying a new brand of candles to cover up the lingering pee smell that sometimes exists in our house. These were only $9.99 each and they smell really good. It is the Kohl's brand.

Well, that was our Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! Tomorrow I will recap Easter and Monday. I am pretty tired though... hopefully I can make the most of my last day off before HELL WEEK! (The week of my musical at school.)
Tell me something fun you did this weekend!
Have you seen any good IMAX movies?
What's your favorite brand of candles?


  1. Such a fun weekend! I didn't know you guys had 4 days off--sounds wonderful. The last IMAX we saw was D-Day: Storming the Beaches of Normandy. We took Kyle 2 summers ago (he was 10) and he is REALLY into history (esp WWII) and he said when we were in line "I am so excited I feel like I might start to cry". LOL. So, don't feel bad about crying. I get it ... it happens! I have actually seen so many IMAX movies and they are all excellent!

    1. It was supposed to be 5, but the darn snow days. :) Oh I bet that D-Day one would have been so cool, especially if you are really into history. I should see if there are any other IMAX theaters within reasonable driving distance that may have more options. The Whitaker Center only shows like 3 at a time.

  2. Sounds like a great spring weekend! I cleaned out my closet this weekend and gave half my clothes (literally) to my sister so now I am due for a shopping trip!
    The last imax movie I saw was a TiTanic documentary when it was at the Witaker center. Had to be over 10 years ago!

    1. I bet it feels good to have your closet cleaned out and organized. Yes, the Titanic one was over 10 years ago because I went to see it too and I remember Paul and I had *just* started dating at the time! So it was probably nearly 12 years ago!

  3. I really need to find some good candles or plug-ins or something to make our house smell good. It just smells like... food and stuff. I hate it when there are underlying smells!

  4. So, speaking of Casey Anthony...the tabloids are saying she's married/pregnant/trying to get pregnant and wants a girl. And I just feel like that is so gross of them to publish - it's a tabloid, so really who knows if it's true at all, but this is a woman who killed her toddler. Should we really be congratulating her possible pregnancy on the cover of a magazine?! Blech.

    1. Yeah that's really gross! I think the best thing to do with Casey Anthony is leave her alone. She's not worth the paper/ink they're printing the rumors on!

  5. Are those running shorts you have on? I like the color!

    Which part of King's Gap did you hike? We hiked there a couple of years ago, we drove all the way up to the mountain firs.

    You finally got your shoulder peep shirt! it looks great on you!

    Please don't judge me, but my favorite movie I've seen in Imax was Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, before Johnny Depp turned out to be a woman beater, I loved him in that movie. He is so weird creepy!

    1. No, they are actually "dress" shorts but they feel like running shorts!

      We did drive to the top through the beautiful trees and hiked on the Scenic Vista Trail. It started at the top and then we did get to the vista. After that, I'm not sure where we went!

      No judgement here! Was it in 3D???

  6. Love your new shorts and top!

    How exciting about the new washing machine. Since buying the house I have learned that I really love appliances. We weren't going to replace the dish washer in our house since it's okay --- but I recently decided we need to because I want to shop for it! Haha. I love looking up model comparisons, reading reviews, etc!

    1. I was never into buying appliances... It would be cool to have a huge fridge but our kitchen is so small, we only have room for a normal sized one!

  7. I only had the weekend off, but Good Friday was relaxing compared to my job last. That day was always hell, and moreso last year. That's when I had my epiphany and knew I needed to leave. This year was SO much better.

    1. I am glad this job is so much better than your last one!