A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, March 26, 2017

NYC Trip! (Survivor Know It Alls LIVE)

Hey all! This past October, Paul and I went to see a live taping of our favorite Survivor Podcast (Survivor Know It Alls) in NYC. We had so much fun that we decided to go again when it was held this past Wednesday night!

As usual, we took Amtrak to NYC. It's only $88 round trip per person (3.5 hours one way), which is not bad considering how much money we'd have to spend on tolls and parking overnight in the city.

It's fun to zone out on the train. We get excited when we can finally see the city!

We took the subway straight to our tiny hotel room on the Upper West Side. I love people watching on the subway, particularly the people with the trendy clothes.

Since we were dead set on going to the after party, we pre-gamed in our hotel room with some iced coffees.

I'm not sure why we got iced coffees because it was cold and windy AF in NYC the two days we were there! Luckily, the subway station was only a half a block from our hotel so our hair didn't get messed up on the way to the venue- Carolines on Broadway.

Unfortunately, I made us get off at the wrong subway station so we had to walk around for 10-15 minutes in 14 degree temperatures before we found the venue! It was totally my fault!

We still arrived early enough to get really good seats! Not only were we next to some fun ladies, but we were in the front row (besides the reserved seats for Rob's family and the other Survivors).

Before the show started, I saw Billy Garcia from Survivor Cook Islands in the lobby. I talked to him for a little bit (he's hilarious!) and got my picture with him.

I also got to chat with Rob for a minute and got another pic!

Right before the episode was about to start, Zeke, Brett, and Chris from Millennials vs. Gen X came in and sat about 10 feet from us! Liz (Brains, Beauty, Brawn II) and Sophie (winner of South Pacific who I can't stand) were also there.

Look at how close we sat to Zeke!

The first thing that happens at Survivor Know It Alls is the whole room (350 people) watches the new episode of Survivor on a big screen. It's actually really fun, as we all cheer, clap, and boo at the appropriate parts. This episode was crazy, and while it didn't end the way I wanted it to, it was still entertaining.

Then Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach do a live podcast of Survivor Know It Alls and talk about the episode. They invited a couple past Survivor contestants (Sophie, Liz, Brett, Chris, and Billy) to come up and commentate as well. It was very nerdy and very funny- exactly what everyone there wanted!

After the hour long podcast, we got to talk to Chris in the lobby and get our picture with him. That was a surprise, as I didn't even know he was going to be there. 

Paul got to chat with Zeke and Rob!

Then it was time to walk to the after party at St. Pat's Pub. We met a fun kid named Kenneth who followed us there. I got us a little lost, and it was SO FREAKING COLD OUT, but finally, we made it to St. Pat's!

It was so packed! It was as if all 300 people from the show came to the after party! Okay, I may be being a little over dramatic. Maybe it's because I haven't been to a bar in a really long time.

Luckily, Paul and I found a little spot for ourselves at the top of the steps. Aubrey and Andrea from the current Survivor season showed up but we didn't talk to them. It was way too loud. We did talk to some fans and contributors to Rob's podcast. I drank cosmos (two total, I paced myself!) all night and Paul had three beers. This was our definition of "partying"!

 I snuck a pick of Aubrey. It looks like she caught me but I was pretending to take a selfie.

Our new friend, Kenneth!

At 1:30am, the party was still going strong but Paul and I were tired and STARVING! We had a hike to the subway, but on the way, we stopped at the McDonald's right on Times Square and got some GRUB!

This is what you're supposed to eat right before bed, right!?

We planned to take the subway back up to 86th street (our hotel was on 87th) but it was so late at night that the closest subway stop we could get off at way 96th street! That meant we had to walk 9 blocks in the bitter, bitter cold. I almost cried when I crawled into bed, all warm and cozy.

I was completely exhausted but I just could not fall asleep! I was also borderline dreading my run the next morning, but laid out all my clothes anyway...

I woke up wide awake before my alarm even went off. Two hours of sleep? No problem. I cruised around Central Park and did 7.5 miles before 7am! (More details on that run coming up on the blog!)

A bit delirious from lack of sleep...

Then I went back to our hotel, woke Paul up, and we showered and left for Penn Station to take the Amtrak home. NYC was a ton of fun, but we were exhausted and missed our home and our cats!

Oh, funny story... While I was waiting for Paul to pack in the morning, I found a green feather in our hotel bed. How did a green feather get there? Then it dawned on me... It was part of Chrissy's carrot toy from home! Somehow, a feather made it's way to NYC with us!

We had a great trip, but were glad to get home to this big boy!

Have you ever pretended to be taking a selfie but you were sneaking a picture of someone?

Ever find any weird things from home that made it's way on vacation with you?

What do you order at McDonald's?


  1. Your trip looks like so much fun! I don't even watch Survivor and I'm a little jealous because you got to go to NYC and see a live taping of the podcast. It sounds like a neat set up that you all watch the episode first then talk about it, I always wondered how podcasts were taped (and I'm sure they're all taped a little different) so it's neat to see. Sorry about all the Subway woes, to me taking public transit in a new city is always really hard to figure out but it sucks you had to walk in the cold like that!

    McDonalds... I haven't eaten there in a long time. To be honest I typically chose not to eat there, but I do like the Southwest salad, no chicken. The breakfast biscuits are pretty good too (egg and cheese or the McMuffins).

    1. Rob normally records his podcasts in his studio which is just a room in his house. But once each season, he does a live taping just like this. I'm not sure if you listen to podcasts, but the live taping of them is kind of the "cool" thing they do now and then. Whenever one of my fav podcasts does one live, I sometimes don't listen to that one because it annoys me a little bit. It's not the same. But Rob- I listen to his live ones. ;) And now I am glad we got to go see him twice in a row!

      We barely ever eat at McDs either! I do like their milkshakes and apple pies, so if we want a treat, I will go get us those. But when we want junky fast food, we get Wendy's. But I LOVE McD fries and I always have. As long as they are fresh and crispy. I normally add salt because I am gross. :)

  2. Megan, what a fun night for you and Paul! As you know, I don't watch Survivor but I can only imagine if I was doing something like this and Anthony Bourdain were the host--I would be losing my mind!! My dream is to meet (and travel) with him. How close was your hotel to Central Park? So jealz you got to run there. It would be on my list for sure. That is so cute that part of a cat toy went along for your journey. Probably bittersweet when you figured out what it was (I know how much you miss your babies when you are gone). McD's order would be quarter pounder, fries dipped in mayo (weird, I know...and I don't even really like mayo but a friend in HS had me try it and wow, it's really good).

    1. You have to have Rick read this! And tell me who he likes/dislikes this season. :) Would Rick allow you to travel with Anthony Bourdain??? I think he loves you so much that he wouldn't mind. ;) I used to dip fries in mayo too! Have you ever dipped them in a vanilla milkshake?

    2. I will have Rick read this but I asked him about this season and I think he is kind of over the fact that they keep bringing people back. He wants new blood. He just seems kind of "meh" about it. We BOTH want to meet and travel w/ Anthony. We are obsessed with all his shows and if we could travel with him so he could show us a city and the food and culture we would be in heaven! I have had fries in milkshakes but now that my lactose intolerance is so much worse, no more of that for me. Rick loves fries in a Wendy's Frosty!

  3. You know I know nothing about survivor but I enjoyed reading about your time in NYC. It actually only took us 2:38 minutes to get into the city last weekend (and a $15 toll in the Holland Tunnel). If I go in just for the day and not stay over night, I park at in NJ and take the Ferry over for a couple dollars. I think that's the best way to do it. If you want to make a trip this summer, LMK!

    P.S We always end up taking a little bit of Baylee hair with us wherever we go...lol, I think its permanently embedded in my clothes!

    1. Thanks for the ferry tip! That actually sounds like a good idea, especially in the summer when a ferry ride could be fun! I will hit you up for details when we know when we are going in the summer. (We want to go see a live taping of the Stephen Colbert show!) I can imagine people take dog hair with them everywhere. I have a friend who had a dog pass away, and 10 years later she was still finding hair... even though they had MOVED since they lost their dog!

  4. Caroline's must be the place to be! Some of the wrestling podcasts I listen to (lol) host events at Caroline's too. I really want to go someday - maybe this summer if we go to Summer Slam again!

    I don't know NYC very well. Were you able to run from the upper west side to central park? Is central park so big that it has entrances from the west side and east side? I really want to run in central park again!

    1. That is neat about Carolines! :)

      I was easily able to run to Central Park from our hotel. The side streets are very quiet. I was about 4 blocks from the park. There are entrances to the park EVERYWHERE, I was just being dumb about it.

  5. I bet watching the episode surrounded by other Survivor fans was so fun! It's how I feel going to see Harry Potter films hahaha.

    I have totally taken pictures while pretending to be doing something else on the phone - usually I pretend I'm texting or looking at something confusing so I can raise my phone to the right height hahaha.

    1. I guess everyone does it and we probably just all catch each other!

  6. What a fun Trip!! and you got to meet so many Survivors!! that sounded weird...

    Amtrak is just the best way to travel to NYC, nothing beats it!

    I really admire that you got up and ran with 2 hours of sleep!! you are very dedicated!

    McDonalds always tastes better after 2 am! My go to order at McDonalds is the Quarter Pouder meal with no pickles and sweet tea.

    1. I know! So relaxing to take the train.

      I just wanted to experience Central Park. I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten up to run my boring old neighborhood route.

      A quarter pounder sounds delish!