A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our Christmas Eve

Hey all! Here is a photo dump and some fun stories about our Christmas Eve! We spent the whole day with family! There's nothing like FAMILY!!!

Before we went to my Grandma and Pappy's house, I finished a fun puzzle, ran 8 miles IN SHORTS, and popped in to check on Bitty Bot, the most beautiful kitty in the world! (Besides mine.)

Then we went to Grandma and Pappy's house. We ate fried chicken, deviled eggs, and pineapple casserole. Almost the entire gang was there- 37 people! We have a really big family. Many of my cousins are spread out all over the United States- San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles... but they all made it home. AND some of them showed up as a SURPRISE to us all!

 The Wire Family- Cousin Casey, Uncle Rick, Aunt Jane, Cousin Tiffany, Cousin Coy

Cousin Coy and his wife, Claire. 
She is into true crime just like me!

The Taylor Family- Aunt Kathy, Unclie Shane, Cousin Anthony, Cousin Brooklyn

Debby, Mom, and the great grandchildren

 The Wire Family with Pappy and Grandma

The Wire Family

The Wire Family- Logan, Cousin Dylan, Aunt Debbie, and Cousin John

The Taylor Family- Cousin Eden, her boyfriend Gunner, Uncle Scott, Aunt Tracy, Cousin Jake

 My immediate family. I think my dad forgot he was holding Clark

Mom and Dad

 Grandma and her baby, Max

Mom and Clark

 The great grandchildren


 Logan, Ellie, and Clementine

 Claire, Coy, and Malia

 Jess and Tiffany

 Emmy and Lily

 Ellie is not impressed. Did she learn that face from Great Grandma?

Lily and her daddy!

Me and Clark

Me and my little Ellers!

Me and my bad ass Grandma!

Me and my bro, Julian

Clark and Paul!
Don't get any ideas...

Chess is always involved...

Julian and his girlfriend, Amy

My and my cousin, Dylan. He is in the Navy!

Clarky Poo!

Whew! That was a lot of pictures! But I wanted to try to make sure I captured all 37 of us!

Paul and I left my Grandma and Pappy's a little after three and headed to his Uncle Mike and Aunt Darina's house to hang out with his side of the family!

By the time we got to Uncle Mike's, I barely had a voice left! I guess I was talking/screaming all morning with my family! Aunt Darina had a ton of food out. It was all delicious! Paul's family is just as loud and crazy as mine. A quiet Christmas Eve, this was not!
Cousins: Tim, Kate, Tina, Paul

 Cousins with Tim's kids: Eden, Violet, Zay

Then they took a picture of us taking pictures...

Paul and his nephews and niece: Zay, Violet, and Eden

 Being silly with the kiddos!

Can we take a minute and look at Zay and his creepy face?

Paul grubbing with his peeps!

Before we went home that night, we drove around our neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. This is one of our favorite houses. I really wanted to pull into their driveway so I could be beneath the lighted archways. Paul told me not to, even though it didn't look like anyone was home.

When we got home, Paul and I opened the presents we got each other. We don't spend a lot of money, we just get each other little things.

My favorite gift I got Paul was this fleece blanket. Paul loves America and he loves blankets!

One of my favorite gifts Paul got me was a donation to the Environmental Defense Action Fund (which has an A+ rating from Charity Watch).

He also signed me up to be a patron of my favorite Survivor podcast- Rob Has a PodcastAs a patron, I get special perks. Plus, I have the satisfaction of knowing I am helping to support the free podcast I have loved and listened to for years.

Oh, and he got me ALPACA SOCKS!

We had a wonderful night together!

Dang this was long!
And I'm sure I missed something...
Do you and your partner exchange gifts?

How many people were at your Christmas Eve or Hanukkah celebrations?

Did you go drive around and look at lights?


  1. Well, that was a lot of pictures! Looks like a wonderful holiday!

  2. I LOVE big family celebrations. Looks like you had lots of laughs and good memories with your families!

    Scott and I do exchange gifts but we do it on Christmas day (although he is always so excited and wants to open some on Christmas eve but I don't let him..haha).

    1. Aw that is cute! Last year it was Paul's idea to do Christmas Eve but this year it was my idea. The funny thing is, he didn't have my stuff wrapped yet! He said he forgot. I was like, DUDE, I'm the ONLY person you wrap presents for, how did you forget???

  3. Wow, that looks like an amazing family Christmas! I love when everybody gets together for Christmas and you do have a big family. So much fun! Thanks for sharing all the pictures ;)

    When we go to Germany for Christmas, we're usually about 13 people for Christmas Eve. This year it was just J and me.

    We didn't exchange gifts this year, because we upgraded our phones... but then I got a fleese sweater for J very last minute, because I knew he needed one and would love it :)

    1. That is cool you go to Germany! Who's family lives there? Upgrading phones is a good alternative to presents. :)

  4. Oh wow, look at all of your families! That's so cool you had those large family parties. I'm sure that was a lot of fun. I'd love that!
    We did drive around and look at lights. When our kid were very little we'd drive around with hot chocolate in our PJs and look at the lights. There were quite a few large displays back then. This year we decided to relive that tradition (without the Pjs and hot chocolate though), but there were not as many lights to see. Not sure why, but it was still a fun night.

    1. It was SO much fun! I lost my voice from talking so much!

      Driving around to see lights sounds like a fun family tradition! I stocked up on a bunch of outdoor lighting and inflatibles today, so if you lived closer, I'd say do a drive by of our house because it will NOT disappoint!

  5. WOWOWOWOWOW your family could fill a small city all on your own! That's amazing! Even combined, Adam and my family is only a fraction of the size of just your side of the family!

    The gifts you and Paul gave each other are so thoughtful and perfect. Adam and I usually jointly buy something for each other -- like a new TV, or in the case of this year a new house :)

    1. It is a lot of people! So my grandparents have 6 children between them, they all have families, and then some of those kids (my cousins) have families. It is CRAZY. I remember they days when there were just 18 people at my Grandma's... all of us cousins were kids.... now there are 41 people! AND 4 people were missing!

      I like how you guys do joint gifts for things you both want. Do you think you will decorate outside your home next year? You know, like a blow up santa? :)

    2. We don't have a ton of space in our front area, but we can definitely do a small blow up something. I just googled "Christmas Cat inflatable" and a few options popped up that I now have my eye on! haha

      41 people!!!! Honestly, the most family members I've ever spent the holidays with is ... 7!

  6. Looks like you guys had such a fun holiday! We had a small celebration on Christmas eve/christmas day (6 of us on Christmas eve and 4 on Christmas day). There are more people at Robs family's when we got to Michigan- I think maybe like 17? I couldnt imagine having as many people as you! Sounds like fun though!

    1. The only downside to so many people is that I barely have time to catch up with everyone.

  7. What a fun holiday--loved seeing pictures of all your family members. Wow, big gathering with so many people. That is awesome!

    1. It is the one time everyone tries really hard to get home. But since many of my cousins live all over the country, it is rare to have everyone!

  8. Aww, look at all the flannel and plaid!!!

    It looks like you all had a blast!!!