A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, December 19, 2016

MGR's Weekend Wrap Up!

The kids were nuts last week.
I can't even imagine what this week will be like.
Bring it on...

I was so busy during the week and didn't get a lot of sleep. When my alarm went of Friday morning, I could barely move. 

Work was okay. The kids are nuts. It's not their fault. They're kids and it's the week before Christmas...

The low point was when I dropped one of my pieces of bread in the stairwell on the way to lunch. I asked two of my friends if the 5 second rule applies to the floors in school. Apparently, it doesn't. Especially since like 25% of our school was home sick from a stomach virus.

FUN FACT: I HAVE NOT THROWN UP FROM A STOMACH VIRUS SINCE COLLEGE!!!! (I have thrown up from anesthesia and drinking.)

After work, I had so many errands to run. I had some Christmas presents to grab as well as groceries. I didn't get home until 6pm but I felt very productive.

When I got home, Paul and I played cards and watched Colbert. It was a good night. I was so happy to be able to relax! When I climbed into bed I was so relieved to not have to set my alarm for the next day! I literally screamed with delight as I cuddled into bed. I love going to bed... especially if I don't have to set my alarm the next day.

I got so much done on Saturday morning that I don't even want to go into it because it will make you think I am Super Woman! (I'm not!) Part of the reason I got so much done was because even though I didn't have to get up for literally anything, I ended up getting out of bed at 6:54.

The first thing I did was finish this puzzle. I didn't feel like filling in the trees and grass so this is where I called it quits! I do what I want!

Since it had snowed and iced a bit the night before, I wasn't able to get out to run safely until after 3. I had to do a lot of tiny out and backs because the roads were slippy. But I felt strong and it was a good run.

Conditions were much better several hours after I took this picture.

Annoying route...

I love this reindeer filter!

That evening we had Holiday Game Night with some of our best buds- Maren & Max, Randy & Michael, and Bob & Rachel!

Do I have enough food and drink?

Randy, Maren and I have been friends for 20 years.
We grew up doing musical theater together.
My best times during my high school and college years were spent with these two!

God Mommy!
Christmas and Jelly's mother is Maren's cat... Miss Marbles. So Christmas and Jelly spent their first weeks at Maren's house. So she is their God Mommy.

Maren and her funny hubby, Max!

My Mar Bear.

Michael is young, he can get away with sweaters like this!

Randy, Michael, Bob

Paul and Max


Code Names = BEST GAME EVER!!!

Me and Rach!

Michael + Randy = FUN!!!

Bob held Jelly! Proof!

Funny story: We had a party guest who has Celiac so I made "real" brownies" and G-free brownies. Well, as I went to put it in the oven, I dropped the pan of G-free brownie batter on the floor! Honestly, for a minute I contemplated just putting it back in the pan (the consistency was weird and all stuck together) but ultimately I threw it away and drove like a bat out of hell to the grocery store to buy a pre-made G-free dessert.

Oh, I have to tell you something I am proud of myself for in regards to game night. On a "normal" night, I have 1-2 glasses of wine. Some nights I don't have any, but when I do, it's no more than two. Well, game nights last like 5 hours! And everyone is drinking! So I end up having more than I normally drink... more like 3-4 drinks over the course of 5 hours. Well, for the past year or so, it seems like if I have more than I am used to- even if it is spread out over the course of many hours, I wake up in the middle of the might feeling very dehydrated and not able to fall back asleep. So THIS game night I decided that I would only have 3 drinks and that I would drink a big glass of water after every drink. And lo and behold... I wasn't dehydrated or anything. I felt like a champ!

OMG what did I do today? Well, since I didn't go to bed the night before until 2:30am, I slept until 10:00! Score! I would have slept longer, but Chrissy likes to wake me up by being a baby. "Being a baby" means he lays on my chest (all 15lbs of him) and licks my face and neck, burrows his face in my neck, and generally just cuddles me until I am wide awake. Oh my gosh, I love him so much.

It looked really gross outside and I wasn't in the mood to run. But I wanted to run 8 miles. I simultaneously wanted to run and didn't want to run at the same time.

What ultimately excited me to get out there was downloading a bunch of new true crime podcasts. Thanks a BUNCH to Ali who recommended these podcasts to me. I already listened to several episodes of The Generation Why podcast and I am really enjoying it.

The rest of the night was spent doing puzzles and just putzing around with Paul. He was nice enough to take a break from watching football to eat dinner and watch Colbert with me. We love Colbert!

 Look ay my little fucker on my puzzle!

I can't even eat my dinner in peace.
Do you watch Colbert?
Are there any true crime events that fascinate you?


  1. I also feel like 1-2 glasses of wine is perfect and when I get up to 4 thats when it affects my sleep and I feel off the next day. Having lots of water definitely helps!

    1. I plan to keep doing the water thing. How adult of us!

  2. You know you just jinxed yourself, right?

    As much as I try to wash my hands as if I have OCD, I do occasionally get whatever is going around. I HATE vomiting. So when I see those patients, I get out the bleach wipes and wipe down my stethoscope. ewwwww

    1. Naw, I don't believe in jinxes!

      I do hate vomiting too. It's the worst.

  3. What a fun game night. I didn't know (or realize) that jelly and chrissy were real siblings.

    I actually set my alarm for the same time every day (even on non work days). On Saturday I got up at 6;15 to wrap all my Christmas presents. I'm official done now and feel so relieved!

    1. Yup, same mommy, and probably daddy. We think daddy is the stray cat from the neighborhood named The Hamburgler. He was huge! Hence, why he's probably Chrissy and Jelly's dad!

      GO YOU for getting your presents done! Do you EVER sleep in?

    2. Not too often. Baylee needs her pills everyday at the same time and since we started giving them to her before week, we just continue to follow the same schedule on non work days too. Come summer her schedule may have to change though cus I would like to sleep in a few days!

    3. That should say "before work". Not week.

    4. Well that makes sense! Another example of how you are an awesome dog mommy. :)

  4. Super fun weekend! So smart to drink water in between the wine. Whenever I do that, my body thanks me. Throwing up....UGH. The worst. I have not partaken in that activity in almost 15 years thank you very much. I honestly think I don't remember how...

    1. Wow that is pretty good to go 15 years without vomiting! I am impressed.

  5. I don't watch Colbert but he's very popular here because I think he used to live in Charleston or somewhere in this area at one point? I know people REALLY like him. He once paid off all the GoFundMe's from teachers in SC. Speaking of teaching, I can't believe you guys aren't on break yet. The schools here are, but I don't think the students here ever go to school. It's so weird!

    Looks like you had a really fun weekend with the party, game night, and puzzles! I am not a huge drinker either but I had quite a few mugs of adult hot chocolate last week, hehe.

    1. That's right, I heard that story about him paying for all the teacher's supplies. That's so freaking cool of him.

      That is strange the kids in your area are off already! We go straight through the 23rd but then we have the next M-F off.

  6. Santa's twerkshop LOL. I love how honest you are about the barfing. You'd never lead us to believe you hadn't thrown up at all since college. Haha! I get super dehydrated too when I drink. If I know I'll be imbibing in da drank then I will slam back at least 2L of water during the day before I pour my first glass of wine. 3L of water is magic though.

    1. I don't measure my water but I do drink a lot of it at work because I talk/sing all day.

      The last time I threw up was from knee surgery drugs. And then the last time I threw up from drinking was sooooooooo long ago. I mean, maybe 5 years? I never plan to do that again!

  7. What a fun weekend!! Did you have trouble running? it was so ice around my hood! and the streets didn't look any better.

    That is a lot of food and wine!!

    You are superwoman! now we want to know what all you did on Saturday Morning!

    I don't remember the last time I threw up... maybe when I was pregnant. And it was projectile vomiting, not the directly into the toilet stuff! it was bad!

    1. My neighborhood is usually HORRIBLE in regards to snow/ice and it was pretty bad on Saturday- except for a few spots. So I ran loops and out and backs. So boring!

      Omg... let's see... Sat morning... I finished my puzzle, trimmed my toenails, cleaned the floors with vinegar, dusted and tidied up the whole house... shall I go on or do you feel bad yet??

      Ew projectile vomiting! I have never seen that in action.

  8. I feel dehydrated too after more than the usual amount of wine. I try to be good, and at least I haven't gotten sick from that.

    1. Getting sick from drinking sucks. Glad that never happened to you!

  9. That food poisoning incident just sounds horrible. :( I feel thankful nothing like that has happened to me in a long time. I will see if I can get a Miss Marbles picture! I'm friends w/ Maren's mom on FB so I will ask her for a pic of their momma and their sister Cookie!

  10. Omg you know Chrissy and Jellys biological mother! Did you ever take them to see her after you adopted them? I bet she is such a pretty cat!

    You are so lucky to have winter! Every year since I started reading blogs I've gotten progressively more jealous of winter weather/snow/sweaters!

    1. I have not... Christmas doesn't really get along with other cats. He would probably kill her! I found some pics of Christmas with his litter and mommy so I will do a post soon!

    2. Awww I can't wait to see the kitten pics :).

      Cecil's mom was a super petite black cat, but his dad is a GIANT tabby. He clearly takes after his dad. Although I am certifiably crazy so in my head I think "Cecil takes after his dad (as in Adam) because Adam is very tall and Cecil is very long, so if Cecil stood on two feet he would be very tall like Adam."#CRAZY #DONTTELLMYTHERAPIST #HESMYSON :D