A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Via Marathon Training: Week Four

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Monday- 6 easy miles. I just ran what felt good and averaged out to 8:51 per mile exactly! (That's what Hansons said I should run.) Then I lifted upper body at home, stretched, did some hip/glute stuff, and did some PF exercises. My heels have been hurting during my first few steps of the morning and I am scared it is going to turn into Plantar Fasciitis! Actually every little ache and pain is freaking me the frick out.

Here's my lifting:

Band Asst. Pull Ups- 5x6
Chest Press- 5x10x25lb
Bicycles- 5x40
Shoulder Press- 5x10x20lb
Push Ups- 5x10
Stability ball pull ins- 5x15
Neutral grip pull ups- 5x6
Tricep dips- 3x15
Bicep curls- 3x10x15lb
Bridges- 3x10
Plank- 4x30

Tuesday- Speed work: 6x800 w/ 400 recovery. Add in a 2 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down and it brought me to 7.5 miles... I think. I am bad at math. I mapped out a half mile loop in my hood, so that is where I did the intervals. Hansons says they should be between 6:53-7:10. Here were my paces for each split:

6:44, 6:51, 6:54, 6:50, 6:46, 6:51

These intervals/paces were totally doable. I did not feel throw-uppy at all and I could have done more. Good sign!

Wednesday- REST!!!! It was Global Running Day, but didn't know until Kristina informed me. How do you all find out about this stuff? Is there some sort of "Running Day" e-mail list I need to sign up for?

Thursday- Tempo Run- 6 miles @ MP (7:49). With a 2 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down I had 9 miles. I am very, very bad at finding a 7:49 pace. Look:

7:46, 8:06, 7:42, 7:43, 7:44, 7:48

And my second mile was an 8:06! WTF? I was trucking I don't know if my Garmin was messed up or what. So for a lot of the run I was trying to go faster to get the average pace down. Maybe I shouldn't do that. Maybe I should just take it mile by mile and try to get as close to 7:49 as possible, and if I have a wonky one in there, just leave it. What do you guys think? 

I ate half a bag of kale the night before this run and was all cocky that it didn't matter because my favorite port o' john that graces my running route (but has been gone all winter) was BACK. Unfortunately, the joke was on me because it was locked from the INSIDE. How does that happen? It remained locked (I saw the red) every time I passed it. So unless there was someone chilling in there for an hour, something was up.

Friday- Easy 6. I was so excited for this run. I'm serious. I couldn't wait to just zone out to my podcast and plod around my 'hood! I averaged an 8:53 pace.

Saturday- Easy 8. NO RUNNING. Due to my PF scare and reading the internet, I decided not to run today and instead gave my feet a break, did some stretches for my calf and foot, did my normal stretches, my hip/glute exercises, and lifted back at Planet Fitness. I felt very guilty for skipping this run. I even almost ran at 7pm! But I said no, take a break, reassess your foot, and stop feeling guilty. It's Week 4. It's one run. And I'm inevitably going to miss other runs within the next 14 weeks so getting the first skip out of the way and surviving will be good for me mentally.

Asst. Wide Grip Pull Ups- 5x6x16lb asst.
Inverted Row- 5x10
Lat Pull Down- 5x10x70lb
Asst. Neutral Grip Pull Ups- 2x8x16lb asst., 3x8x22lb asst.
Cable Row- 5x10x45lb
Bicep Curl- 5x10x15lb
Bicycles- 5x40
Capt. Chair- 3x20
Plank- 4x1min

Sunday- Easy 8. This one did happen! I remembered when I had PF before that it was recommended to stretch my feet and calves before I even got out of bed in the morning. So I stretched and didn't have any heel pain! Wahoo! I truly enjoyed my 8 miler. I wanted to do a little more, maybe 10, just to make up for the day before but I decided not to push things. I walked with my pal Bree later in the day and we did almost 4 miles, so I think I was on my feet enough!

Here is how I would grade myself on my training goals this week...

Training Goals:

1. Rest days = complete rest! A
2. Walk 1 min per mile run. A
3. Stretch after each run. A
4. Foam roll when needed. N/A
5. Glute/hip exercises 5 days per week. B. 
6. Stick to the prescribed paces. A
7. Practice proper hydration and fueling. Read as much as I can on the topic. C- I have to reread the Hansons book again!!!
8. Alter training if I feel potential for injury. A. And I survived!
How were your workouts this week?


  1. Looks like you had a great week of training- smart idea to skip the easy day if you felt the foot issues and you did. You still got the two quality workouts in and that's what counts the most. Stinks about the one weird mile of the tempo run but I think it's okay- after all it could be a garmin issue or maybe there was a slight incline/hill, or you had to stop from traffic and the garmin took that into account? I wouldn't worry too much about it because your other miles were closer to the goal, anyway (not like you went out way fast and faded). Good luck this week!

    1. Thanks Amy! Yeah I felt guilty about skipping but that morning heel pain had me scared. :/ Glad it is gone, fingers crossed it stays gone!!!

  2. I've been a marathoner for about 20 years and this was the first I had ever heard of Global Running Day and the only reason I knew about it was because of Instagram. Weird.

    Nice job on your running and I'm glad your foot is getting better!

  3. I am so happy you don't have PF and simple stretching fixed the issue! I didn't run on National Running Day. I swam because I had done back to back runs and I rarely go for 3 days in a row! P.S. see you in a few days :)

    1. 3 days in a row used to be my tops! Now it's 6. Makes me nervous!! :)

  4. I didn't see much about Global Running Day until it popped up on my calendar at work. LOL I did run that morning though :) I don't know when it changed from National to Global lol
    Your runs went great and hopefully the PF scare is over.
    I go through phases with hydration, one week i am all over it, this week I don't want to drink water at all...I sit here thirsty right now. I don't feel like running to the bathroom every five seconds..I am in a funk this week.

    1. Aw girl I hope you get out of your funk! I definitely drink more water when I am at work. We have diet soda in the house right now, so I pretty much set myself up for disaster...

  5. I'm hoping that we will both be masters of pacing by the time our marathons happen. Then we can start our second running "careers" as pacers! :) National Running Day... Facebook! Or maybe you should have given your email address to that local running store after all. HAHA (just teasing you!)

  6. Every year I hear about running day on Instagram - and I think Heather might have posted something about it to FB.

    Thanks for posting your lifting routine, I love when you do that! I esp. appreciate you showing your plank times because I sometimes do short planks and I always just assume that you plank like 5 x 20 minutes every day after reading about Trump :D

    1. AHAHAHA! No my planks are short. My arms are so freaking tired from lifting that I can't plank for very long. I was proud of my 45 seconds!!

    2. Oh shit I was thinking of yesterday how I planked for 45 seconds. I looked back and saw I did 1 min. DAYUMMM!

    3. I hear ya! I always plank as the very last thing too and a minute feels like a lifetime! I always start shaking!

  7. Good job altering your training! And you still had a great week!

  8. Looks like a good week!! I had a little heel pain early this week too that freaked me out and then I foam rolled and stretched and it felt better. I hope yours was just a fluke, too!

    So excited to follow your Hanson's journey!! Woohoo!!!

    1. Me too!!! I'm so over being worried about every little thing!

  9. I'm not sure how everyone but you and I knew about Global Running Day! We're out of the loop. I blame being a teacher.

    Speaking of hydration, I'm going to try salt tabs for the first time this week. I hope they work out for me!

    1. Nice! I used them a lot when I did ultras. But I back then I was young and never had any of the problems I have now!