A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Monday! This weekend was definitely better than last weekend. Thank goodness! Here's what we were up to...

I was just so sad today. It was partly because I wasn't able to run a whole lot this week and partly because of... nothing in particular. I was just feeling down. Do you ever get like that?

Being a teacher sucks when you are distracted and depressed. I don't know how I made it through the day but I did.

The best part of the day was when the piano tuner came at the end of the day to tune my classroom piano. I love the sound of a piano being tuned. It is so relaxing to me. I know, I'm weird. 

After work, Paul and I did grocery shopping. We loaded up a cart at Aldi, hit the liquor store and beer distributor, and swung by the craft store so I could get some stuff for my classroom. What a romantic Friday night date!

When we got home I did my only "wifey" type thing for the week and made roasted cauliflower and red potatoes. I snacked on cheese, salami, and a cosmo while I cooked. 

This salami smells like poop but it tastes sooooo good!

We ate dinner and watched Colbert. Chrissy really wanted my turkey burger!

Then I had a kitty photo session with Chrissy...

I fell asleep reading JonBenet Blogs. I feel like writing a blog post about the case and my thoughts on it. Would you read that!?

On Saturday morning, I put on some awesome pants I got at Sears last weekend. They are Champion brand and I think they are for actually running, but I want to wear them for athleisure!

They were only $20 because Sears is going out of business. The pants are thick and warm. I love them!

At 11am, went to Bree and Geoff's house to have brunch.

Alice and Silas!

 Bree makes the BEST French Toast!
She promised me her recipe. I want to incorporate French Toast into my diet!

 Normally I cuddle with Sprout, but today Tiny Cat was all over me so I made cuddled with her.

 Alice and Paul. They are punks.

After catching up with our friends, I headed to the library to get some new reading materials...

 I want to practice my Spanish...

 ... and I am missing Obama!

We got home late afternoon, so if I wanted to try to run, now was the time. Around mile 4, my leg felt a little... I guess "tight" is the word. I continued home and got in 5 miles before I stopped. When I stopped running, the tightness was no longer there and it felt 100%. I was feeling a lot more optimistic than the day before!

Then I organized my jewelry. I just did this a year ago... it always ends up a mess!

I also started this bad boy!

Then Paul and I made margaritas and played cards. It was Mexican Night!

Dinner was burritos, rice, and guacamole!

Once again, I fell asleep reading JonBenet blogs... and I had a video from Youtube of a piano being tuned playing on my phone because it was so relaxing! Check it out!!!

I had a surprisingly productive day! Here are the highlights!

1. I cleaned the whole house.

2. I made chicken noodle soup.

3. I finished the puzzle I started yesterday...

4. ... and I did a brand new puzzle! No picture. I'm lazy.

5. I did all the wash in the house, including every piece of clothing from this tub under my bed.

I think Christmas peed in it because some of the clothes smelled like pee. I figured to be safe I better wash the whole damn thing!

6. I lifted back @ home.

7. I fiddled around on the internet while I drank and cosmo and "watched" the Superbowl... aka, checked out the commercials. Paul was at a Superbowl Party with his dudes. Luckily, he does not expect me to attend. In fact, he prefers I stay home because I DON'T CARE.

My annual National Anthem opinion:  I LOVE when the National Anthem is sung straight, and not too fancy. Luke Bryan did it just the way *I* like it. I'm not a fan of country "twang" but that is just a personal preference. He definitely was true to himself and did a great job!

My annual Halftime Show opinion: SURPRISE, SURPRISE I thought Lady Gaga was AWESOME!!! She is a SINGER and she is a powerful WOMAN!!!!
Would you read a post on JonBenet?
How do you make French Toast?
Do you like the sound of a piano being tuned?
What did you think of Luke Bryan and Lady Gaga?


  1. Of course I would read a JonBenet post. I feel you are quite the expert! French toast is so good (so much better than pancakes which I don't really love). I am old school and just use the egg mixure & cinnamon. Then when you eat them they can't have a ton of syrup (I am more of a "dip each bite into syrup rather than drench them all so they get too soggy). I honestly haven't heard a piano being tuned before today. It's nice... And both Luke Bryant and Lady Gaga were amazing. She put on quite the show and is such an awesome entertainer! The end of the game w/ the Pats winning was quite exciting too. Wow, that was a well deserved win (even though I wanted the Falcons to win).

    1. I loved pancakes growing up and hated French toast. Now I am more of a French toast gal! I dip my stuff in syrup too. Then I can be in charge of just how much I eat. I was rooting for the Falcons for Paul so I was bummed when they didn't win. Plus haven't the Patriots won enough? Look at me, having an opinion about a sport I don't watch!!!!

    2. ...you go girl! We will have hope that you will become a football fan someday!

  2. I didnt watch the Super Bowl, or the halftime show. I saw like 2 of the commercials. I used to enjoy it more but I just havent been into football over the last few years.
    And I dont think I have made french toast in like 10 years! I will sometimes get it if I am eating breakfast at a buffet but its not something i ever think to make.

    1. Yes we never make it at home either. We only get it if we go out!

  3. Funny thing is, I always liked hearing the piano tuner too! I haven't had my piano tuned in years. I probably need to do that, actually I probably need to play my piano.

  4. I can't comment on piano tuning (or Luke Bryan - I like the Gaga, especially when she isn't wearing cured meat), but I can say that I find the sound of MRI machines very relaxing. It sounds like music to me.

    We usually eat savory French Toast, or Eggy Bread. It is a great quick supper with a salad. The recipe is the same as French toast, just none of the sweet spices, only salt and pepper. If I have it around, I add a bit of shredded cheese.

    In fact,,, I think I'll make it tonight! Thanks for the idea!

    Take care of your adductor, do you think it might be a tight hip?

    1. Wow you like MRI machines? Do you fall asleep in them? Paul does sometimes. I wonder if they make sound machines with the MRI sounds?? Hehehe.

      Your eggy bread sounds interesting!

      I have no clue what was going on with my leg. It was more the inside of my leg. I hope it's gone for good!

    2. I *do* like the sound of the MRI. It is a little bit like listening to trance, or ambient music. I never fall asleep, but I do get very calm.

      Good to hear the leg is improving! Eggy Bread is good! Try it! :-)

  5. I'd totally read a JonBenet post.

    I used to love French Toast! When I was a kid, my mom had to make it for me so often. I still like it but rarely make it now. I guess I should. I watched the Super Bowl and the commercials and a few were really good... I also watched the Coin Toss and it was so funny because my mom told me former President Bush was tossing the coin but she didn't know which teams were playing...

    1. I thought the coin toss was so cute. Barbara looked awesome, but I felt bad for GHWB. He looked so old and frail. You know I thought French toast was disgusting when I was a kid!

  6. I would definitely read your JonB post!

    I loved the Lady Gaga performance! I actually listened to a playlist of her music on my way into work today to keep the good times rolling! :)

    I didn't know Sears was going out of business. It makes sense. I honestly cannot even remember the last time I was inside of a Sears. Maybe 10 or 12 years ago? Maybe longer! I just hardly ever go to malls anymore, and if I do it's to go into specific stores, never just to nosey around like I used to back in the day!

    1. I loved her performance too! I found it on YouTube after reading this post :-).

    2. I should have been more clear, SOME Sears stores are closing, including the one in the mall right by my house. I always walk through Sears on my way to get my eyebrows waxed. I am going to miss it because I have gotten a lot of cute clothes at Sears!

      I am listening to Lady Gaga's music now too. I can't get enough!

  7. I'll read anything you write because I really like you and respect your brain. I think anyone in a caregiver position can have an especially hard time going to work when they're feeling sad/depleted. I'm glad you were able to fill your love tank back up over the weekend. <3

    1. Wow thank you, Suzy!! I look forward to writing the JonBenet post. :)

  8. I would definitely read your post on Jon Bonet. In fact I look forward to discussing it with you in person! I like your "Athileisure" pants. Are they fleece lined? I'm all about the fleece lined pants and leggings these days!

    1. Oh I would love to discuss it in person! Then I could answer questions more easily. It is such a big case I don't know if I could lay it out coherently... especially because the family lies so much, even if you know what they "say" happened, that doesn't mean it actually happened!

      The pants are not lined but I swear they are still very thick and warm!

  9. I didn't watch any of the game, not even the commercials. Some commercials had already been shared online, and after watching the ones I wanted, it wasn't worth watching the game. I watched the highlights after the game, and that was all I did.

    1. I think it is weird how they put the commercials online beforehand. Isn't that one of the ways they get people to watch the commercials, to have them secret?

  10. I would read the JonBenet post! That whole case happened when I had just moved to the USA, and it took me a while to understand it.

    how is your pain feeling now?

    I didn't watch the game, the sound of people cheering and the monotone talking makes me very sleepy.

    How is The Audacity of Hope? I considered reading it before...

    1. I didn't start The Audacity of Hope yet. It is currently covering up piles of sorted puzzle pieces so Christmas doesn't eat them!

      My adductor is feeling a lot better! I had a good run today, so I am HAPPY. My left side feels a little weird now though but in a different type of way. I think I am freaking myself out... I'm running tomorrow to see what's up!

      I really hope your are feeling better! I know you are sicky poo right now. :(

      Okay, I think I will do a couple posts on JonBenet because there is too much to say in one post! I will have to craft this one up soon...

  11. I'm not a big breakfast person, but I LOVE french toast :)

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