A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Weekly Workouts

30 miles this week and lifted twice. I walked twice, hiked once, and had a tap class. A variety of workouts!

Saturday- 10 miles on the trail with my daddio! I wrote more about this here. I woke up with a random PIMA. It didn't get worse during my run but persisted throughout the day.

Sunday- HIKING! PIMA still there. Ankles were sore from my trail run! (But a good sore.) Paul and I hiked 5 miles and I ran 1 mile on the Appalachian Trail. (He forgot his water bottle at the top of the climb... so I ran up to get it for him!)

Monday- Lifting upper body at home. PIMA still there but got better throughout the day. After work, I went to Urgent Care because of a weird feelingI was having in my leg. Sort of dumb and tingly. The doctor said it was a nerve lesion. I made an appointment with my PCP to follow up. That will be in about two weeks.

Tuesday- 6 neighborhood miles. PIMA GONE! There was a full moon. I never take pictures during my morning runs, but here is one for ya!

Wednesday- 7 miles. I averaged 8:17s so I was feeling pretty good! Boy does my hair do wacky things in the morning! I had tap class later but didn't really break a sweat because we just kept doing the same thing over and over.

Thursday- Lifting upper body. Nothing too exciting to report about this workout! Paul and I went for a short walk that evening.

Friday- 6 miles. This was a slooooow run. I felt good, just pokey. We also walked a little bit in the afternoon.
I never know what to ask at the end of these workout recaps! Ummmmm... Does my hair look worse in Tuesday's picture or Wednesday's? Hahaha!


  1. I don't think your hair looks bad in either... you were working out after all so nobody expects you to look perfect :). Looks like you had a great week of workouts and glad your bum feels better!

  2. Lotsa miles despite the PIMA! Mine was all jacked up... and then I stopped doing my PT exercises and it improved ;) Not that it's a good thing to stop trying to get stronger, but I don't need it worse before my race.
    How's the hair holding up for the workouts?

  3. Great workouts this week. That moon was amazing...made my workouts all lit up and I loved it.

  4. Love that you did 10 miles with your dad. If you don't mind me asking, how old is he? I run 5K races with my dad but he's in his 60's and I always worry about him having a heart attack or collapsing or something. I mean he's in good shape and all, but it's just something that I worry about and I don't encourage him to run as much as I use too. Heck for that matter I worry about myself having a heart attack..lol

    Kudos to the two of you for running together!

  5. I recognize that shirt you're wearing in the Tuesday run pic ;)

    Is that the moon in the background?!