A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Our Thanksgiving Eve: Frustration, Family, Fitness, & Friends

Remember how there was a huge picture of soy sauce in my one post last week? Well this week, a huge picture of a cat dish has popped up and I can't get rid of it. SORRY!

Onto the real post...

The day before Thanksgiving is always a magical day in my world. It almost feels like Christmas Eve in a way. Normally we have an in-service day at work and the magic doesn't start until after that, but this year, our union fought for us to have that day off and we got it! (The day will be made up at some other point in the school year. It's not a "free" day off.) I didn't realize we had the day off until about a week before, so it was an extra special surprise for me! Our day was full of the Four F's- Frustration, Family, Fitness, & Friends. Here's what went down! 


On Wednesday morning I had a couple errands to run. I always listen to podcasts on my mp3 player when I am in the car, even if it's just going to be a short trip. When I pulled into the parking lot at Michael's I got out of the car, but my mp3 player popped off my headphones and feel in between my seat and the  middle console.

I tried to slide my fingers in between and get my device, but all my efforts just pushed it down farther. I was starting to get frustrated. I got out of the car and moved the seat forward and backward in the effort to figure out how to best get my hands under there and grab the mp3 player. Unfortunately, I ended up pushing it down in between the carpet lining of the car and I could not get it.

By this point, my hands were greasy and a bit cut up from frantically grabbing for my device without worrying about scratching myself on the metal under my seat. I wasn't sure how I was going to get my mp3 player now, but I was pretty sure it would include scissors.

I was so frustrated! After I ran my errands, I came home and got some scissors so I could cut the carpet lining and reach my hand to grab it. Unfortunately, I couldn't angle the scissors to cut correctly because the seat was in the way. FREAKING A! I went inside and grabbed a knife. I sawed a 2 inch slit in the carpet lining and VOILA, I got my mp3 player out!

It was a rough morning.


Paul and I took Ellie and Clementine on their first outing with just the two of us. We took them to a McDonald's with an indoor Playplace.

They got their first Happy Meal ever and were quite surprised by the toy inside. I guess aunts and uncles are meant to spoil!

The four of us shared a strawberry milkshake (which Ellie insisted was cherry because there was a cherry on top), but honestly Ellie was able to suck down most of it.

After they ate, the girls played in the Playplace with a bunch of kids for at least an hour and a half! It was nuts! They were just having so much fun and we didn't have anywhere to be, so we let them go.

Clem did not want to pose for a picture. She wanted to keep going!

I got to drive Debby's minivan. I liked sitting up high! I felt like I was in charge of the whole road.

Clark stayed home with his mommy. You can come along in two years, Clark!

It's fun to be aunt and uncle!


After watching Ellie and Clem run around all afternoon, it was time for us to get some exercise. We went to Planet Fitness around 3pm and it was surprisingly busy! I bet a lot of people were released from work early.

We both lifted. Paul got a shot of me doing my band assisted pull ups.


That evening, we went to our friend Emily and Jake's Thanksgiving Eve party. They just moved into a new house so it was fun to see their new place. This is the one day a of the year we get to see their family too, so it is always fun to chat and catch up.

Unfortunately, we took zero pics! So this is the only proof we were there:

People ate my Ooey Gooey Butter Cake

Emily gave me a cat dish.

See? We were totally there!
Do you do anything special on Thanksgiving Eve?

Playplaces: Yay or Nay? I hear there are tons of germs!

What is the last really frustrating thing that happened to you?


  1. I've lost things in that car no-man's land! The designers need to figure that out!

    Oh, the playplaces are like a petri dish. But full disclosure...I used to take my boys there. They loved it.

    1. They do need to fix it! I don't know how there was even a hole big enough in the carpet for my device to fall into!

      This is going to sound weird, but I don't worry about germs for *myself* a lot. I figure I work in an extremely germ infested area. Now, I do shower right after work ALWAYS. But in day to day life, I don't really worry too much about germs...

      Now, if I had two children that I would have to take care of if they got sick, I feel like I would be VERY careful!

  2. I did not know that Thanksgiving eve is supposedly the biggest party night of the year (a co-worker told me that this year and then I heard it again on TV later that day). Apparently I've been missing out all these years...lol.

    I've broken many earbuds by them falling in between the seat and the console. When I go for a run I usually place my ipod in the cup holder and somehow the earbuds lways go rogue and slip down through. Now that I have a new pair (like my 3rd now), I try to keep them in a little bag until I get to my run.

    1. It is a huge party night AND it is one of the biggest nights of the year for drunk drivers unfortunately! On the way home that night, we saw a lot of police officers.

  3. How fun that you took the girls on a little date. Rick and I are all about being aunt & uncle and love to steal away the kiddos for a day and go and play! It is so much fun to experience that...and then give them back to mom and dad :) I am super glad you were able to extract your MP3 player! I call that area in the car the Bermuda Triangle because it's nearly impossible to get things out from there! Way to go, girl.

    1. I can't wait until the girls are even a little older like your nephew. I could take them clothes shopping or to a movie... oh the possibilities are endless!


  4. I fall into the group of "more germs, stronger immunities" so I don't mind play areas much at all. My kids still love going in the play areas and sadly I have to tell them they are "too big" now! (which totally sucks to be told that!)
    Happy Meals are so fun!
    You really cranked through those pull ups. Some day I will master just one :)

    1. I can totally see your kids still loving play areas! They just seem fun loving and indulge in the fact that they are still kids and they don't need to act older than they are. Though I am sure they eyeroll you like teenagers sometimes!

  5. That Christmas dish is adorable. Does Chrissy meow to get his food? If so you can put the dish down and say, "look this is especially for you meowy Christmas!" :D haha

    I was really disgusted by most other children when I was a kid, so I personally opted out of playhouses even though I'm sure my parents would have let me go. I was definitely a germaphobe back then and I assumed like 99% of other kids were going to put their nasty, sticky disgusting hands on me and give me their germs. I was not a normal child! My parents should probably have put me in therapy way earlier! :D

    1. Oh Christmas is EXTREMELY vocal. However, I am using the dish as a decoration and not to actually feed him.

      I am impressed that other children disgusted you when you were a kid. I did not like to be *sticky* and I still don't. Though it bothered me more when I was a kid.

  6. One thing I love about my CX-5 is sitting higher than my Mazda 3. When I started test driving higher cars, and had to get back in my 3, the difference was noticeable. I do feel like I'm in control more.

  7. That's so annoying about your MP3 player. I hate when that happens. On Shark Tank, a guy invented this "car bib" thing that sits between your seat and that open space and catches things you drop. It was the dumbest, most brilliant idea ever and I'm sure he's made millions off it now.

    1. I can see how he made money. It was horrible to lose my mp3! It's not that they are expensive, but that I would need to RUN without it. I couldn't fathom it!

  8. Can someone fix this space between the seat and console!? Totally been in your situation before and it drives me crazy!