A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Weekly Workout Recap!

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I am starting to feel like myself during my runs, but before I head out for my run, I don't actually feel much like running! Strange, right? Oh well, one thing at a time. 

You may be wondering... "Why did you run so much this week if you didn't feel like running? You could have lifted- after all, you only did one lifting session." That is a very good point, and the truth is, I just felt like I should run. I can't explain it. I had the idea in my mind that I was going to RUN and I was going to LIKE IT. Well, sometimes I liked it!

Saturday- 5 freezing cold neighborhood miles. I wasn't feeling great. I definitely did not have my mojo back. Florida kicked my ass! When I got back from my run, Paul said, "Did you crush it!?" "More like endured it," I replied. Those 5 miles were an effort.

Average Pace: 8:24
Splits: 8:32, 8:31, 8:22, 8:23, 8:12

Sunday- I did not feel like running. I ate and drank too much the night before and wasn't feeling great. However, I had nothing to do and felt like I should run. I made a deal with myself that if I felt crappy, I would only do 3 miles. Once I was running, it felt better than the day before, so I was relieved and just continued on until my Garmin hit 5 miles.

Average Pace: 8:15
Splits: 8:22, 8:16, 8:22, 7:57, 8:16

Monday- Chest @ home. It had been awhile! My legs felt fresh the rest of the day and I was hoping that meant I would have a good run on Tuesday!

Chest Press- 5x10x25lb
Bicycle Crunches- 4x40
Push Ups- 5x10
Shoulder Press- 4x10x20lb
Stability Ball Pull Ins- 4x15
Chest Press (neutral grip)- 3x10x20lb
Tricep Dips- 3x15
Plank w/ Knee Tuck- 3x20

Tuesday- I felt great! My plan was to do 5 miles, but I did 6 instead. I pushed the pace a bit because I felt like it! Maybe I am back?

Average Pace: 7:55 
Splits: 7:36, 8:09, 8:05, 8:08, 7:53, 7:41

What the hell is up with my first mile!?

Wednesday- This was my first day of Christmas break, so I got to sleep in a bit, take my time drinking coffee, and fuel up on toast and dippy eggs. It was quite warm out- low 50s, but very foggy and rainy. It turned out the be an enjoyable run and felt relatively effortless.

Average Pace: 8:08
Splits: 8:27, 8:22, 8:04, 7:48, 7:58

Thursday- It was very hot (almost 70!) and humid when I ran on 5 miles Christmas Eve morning. I was slow as shit and didn't enjoy my run. My IT band was sore for the rest of the day, too. WTH?

Average Pace:
Splits: 9:03, 8:22, 8:30, 8:24, 8:18

What the heck was up with my first mile?

Shorts and a t-shirt on Dec. 24 and I was still sweating profusely! The air was thick...

Friday- Christmas Morning! I feel like any other morning I would have looked at my workout schedule and said, "You need to lift back", but it is tradition for me to go for a run on Christmas Morning before we head to my parent's house, so I did. I ran 5 miles on my deserted neighborhood streets. It was 51 degrees before the sun even came up! Tomorrow I will LIFT FOREVER!

Average Pace: 8:26
Splits: 8:39, 8:23, 8:26, 8:23, 8:20
How long does it take you to bounce back from a race?
Do you workout on Christmas Eve and Christmas?


  1. Sometimes I can just keep going after a race but other times I need to recover. It's unpredictable! I do take it easy or even take time off after a race.

    Normally I run on Christmas Day, and I need to push it this week to get my miles for my 2015 goal. But my PF has other ideas. We'll see how it goes this morning.

    1. I am sorry your PF is bothering you! :( Did you try ART yet?

    2. I hear you... 14 more miles for me to make a milestone goal this year, but my hip is telling me otherwise too! Hope you can reach your goal Wendy!

  2. Happy Day after Christmas! Yes, I ran both days--Christmas Eve was at the indoor track but Christmas Day I ran outside! Was soooo happy and then we got more snow last night so today was a swim + weight training.

    1. Ugh well at least you got some fresh air on Christmas Day. :) I am weight training today too! Taking a rest break in between pull ups right now, actually. Christmas decided to lay right under my pull up bar...

    2. The run outside was so nice and today was a planned swim day so it's OK. Tomorrow is rest but I don't think we will get warm enough for snow to melt :( I gotta get psyched up for indoor track again! I am so glad Chrissy is helping w/ your weight training. Love it!

  3. Sometimes after a race I just don't feel like running either. Luckily this time around I've still wanted to, but the couple of tough runs after the race dampened my spirits a little. Sounds like your body is still in recovery mode! Your weather is all over the place!

    1. I hope you have some good runs soon and your running spirits are lifted! :) I think I just gotta chillax.

  4. I ran on Christmas Eve, not on Christmas day. The only workout that I did that day was "upper body Christmas cookie to mouth". I did about 20 reps, so that has to count for something!

    It has been really warm here too. We didn't hit 70, because of dense fog (it was only in the 40's that day), but on Christmas it was close to 60! We had the screen door open!

    1. We had major fog too!

      I am laughing at your Christmas cookie upper body workout. I DID THE SAME WORKOUT!!! ;)

  5. I am glad other people have similar feelings as me when they are running. Super weird, we also had a very warm Christmas day and I was able to running shorts! That never happens here in Nova Scotia.

    1. That is the nice thing about the blogging community... we can read other runners' thoughts and realize we aren't so crazy after all. I saw your shorts picture on FB! So crazy!!

  6. I would give anything to feel 51 degrees right now, it has been crazy hot here. Even during my rain runs it was 70 degrees. ugh...
    Your legs will come back! After my hilly half in Dec. it took me all week, I was so sore, I couldn't even try to run.
    You know when we ran Christmas Day there were cars everywhere. Kasey and I were a bit flustered, we got held up by cars at street crossings a few times, we were hoping it would be dead out lol
    You got in a good strong week!

    1. Wow I can't believe there were so many cars on Christmas. What time did you go?