A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekly Workout Recap

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Happy Weekend! This week's workouts weren't particularly exciting, but I did do some quality lifting and logged some base miles.

8 neighborhood miles.
It wasn't too hot. Just the "normal" hot.

Chest @ HOME in my PJs!

Chest Press- 5x10x30lb
Push Ups- 10, 8, 6, 6
Shoulder Press- 5x10x20lb
Lateral Raises- 3x6x8lb
Tricep Dips- 4x15
Bicycle Crunches- 5x40
Stability Ball Pass- 4x8
Planks- 4x45 seconds

My chest press was a PR! Here's a video of my last set!

Back @ HOME

Wide Grip Pull Ups- 1x4
Band Asst. Wide Grip Pull Ups- 4x6
Bicycle Crunches- 4x40
Row- 5x10x25lb
Neutral Grip Pull Ups- 1x4
Band Asst. Neutral Grip Pull Ups- 4x6
Stability Ball Pass- 4x8
Bicep Curls- 3x10x15lb
Plank w/ Knee Tuck- 3x20
Plank w/ Row- 3x8x10lb
Stability Ball Pull Ins- 3x15
Plank- 4x45 seconds

Here are some vids of my pull ups!

8 enjoyable miles before work!

5 slow miles @ 8:43 pace. I was so tired!

5 miles. I felt a lot better than the day before.

Splits: 8:55, 8:25, 8:11, 8:22, 7:55

I'll let you guess which mile had me discovering "my" port o john was gone!

6 neighborhood miles. I was a little speedy because I was angered by the Big Brother episode that aired the night before (OMG I HATE VANESSA!!!!)

Now that my port o' john is gone, I really have to stick close to my house.

Splits: 8:49, 8:10, 8:04, 8:12, 7:58, 7:53
What kind of workouts did you have this week? Let us know how your training is going!


  1. Awesome week in workouts! Bummer your potty is gone, now. I had a good week too. 4 run days w/ rowing/weights, 2 bike days & 1 complete rest day (missed my swim this week so back to the pool next week). I am really gonna miss summer because when winter comes the weather dictates my workout schedule.

    1. Me too! Super duper cold days I will lift and "warm" days (like 15 and above haha) I will run. As long as there is nothing slippy on the roads. Now I no you don't do the treadmill so if the weather is bad I guess you end up doing more swimming or biking? I loathe the treadmill so much, so even though it's an option for me, I am more likely to just lift, even a couple days in a row, if there is snow on the ground.

    2. When the snow comes, I use my yak trax on my shoes so I can still run it's just very slow. I don't love to bike inside so I will probably swim 2 x per week and hope to get out for runs on the other days. If we get a time when the snow melts and the roads are clear I will bike but anything below 32 on the bike is too cold for me!!

    3. I do also have the indoor track at the rec center!

    4. That's cool! I never ran on an indoor track.

    5. it is really small (14 laps = 1 mile) .... so definitely a mental game but for me the only other option since I can't do the tready.

  2. Sounds like a solid workout all week, way to go. I've been incorporating a lot more strength training lately. It really helps!! Have a great weekend!

    1. Awesome, I am glad you are benefiting from it!

  3. I hear ya on the portapotty. There is actually one that stays out all winter on the bike path by me...it's a beacon, calling me home on those winter long runs...

    1. They can really save the day. I don't understand why this one is gone. It has been there for soooooo long. All winter too. So sad.